Thursday, 10 August 2017

Delays Due To Loo

Thousands of passengers were delayed at Orlando International Airport last week, but not because of bad weather, or aircraft technical difficulties, it wasn't even due to a strike. No the reason for the massive delay was a single flush of a toilet that caused a major incident and resulted in a hazard materials team having to come to the airport to clean up raw sewage that flowed into a customs area. Local TV station WFTV reports.

An investigation is underway at the moment however, officials told the media it looks like someone tried to flush the contents of their suitcase into a toilet in one of the airport's bathrooms. What exactly those contents were remains unclear. Also uncertain at this stage is why someone would do such a thing. 
Mike Ortiz, a passenger at the airport told WFTV he had to sit through delays while airport personnel did their best to dry out flooding caused by the overflow. "As soon as we landed, they immediately told us that there were problems with the terminal and we would have to sit there on the tarmac for a while," Ortiz said. "There were carpets ripped up and there were floor fans trying to air out what as, I guess, some flooding going on."
The airport tweeted about the incident on Sunday to inform customers of the delays. 

Peak travel time & a maintenance issue on the Airside 1 Int'l Arrivals Hall is causing processing delays for passengers...1/2
As all processing being done through 1 Customs hall, appreciate passenger patience as we work to get you to next step in your journey. 2/2
Were you held up at Orlando International Airport last weekend?  

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