Thursday, 10 August 2017

Busy Month For Lufthansa With Record Numbers

Photo Lufthansa
July has proved to be a very busy month for the airlines in the Lufthansa Group figures released this week indicate.  A total of 13.1 million people travelled on a Lufthansa Group flight in July that's up an amazing 16.9% on last years total. 

According to the figures, 2017 was shaping up to be a very good year for the German based group  with an overall load factor of 80.2 percent - a historic high - they've carried 73 million passengers so far this this year (up until end of July) 

Photo Patrick Kuschfeld
It's not just passenger numbers that are increasing, cargo sales were up 8.4% in revenue ton-kilometer terms, as a result, the Cargo load factor showed a corresponding improvement, rising 4.3 percentage points in the month. 

The major 'network; airlines in the group,  Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines carried 9.7 million passengers in July, 5.1% up from last July.  The 'point-to-point contingent – Eurowings, Germanwings and Brussels Airlines – carried around 3.4 million passengers in July. The majority of those (around 3.1 million) passengers were on short-haul flights an increase of 73.2%.  Although the number of long haul passengers on those airlines suffered a decrease in loads of  7.4 percent.

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