Sunday, 13 August 2017

British Airways Strike Continues.

British Airways staff members that walked out over pay and conditions are all set to continue the industrial action for the rest of August.  

The union Unite has again renewed its call to the airline to get back to the negotiating table after a meeting on Friday. "It would cost British Airways mere pennies compared to its soaring profits to solve this dispute," said Unite national officer Oliver Richardson. 

"Yet still the airline insists on spending millions on wet leasing aircraft and the prospect of mounting legal costs to defend low pay and punishing workers on poverty pay. 

"Our members are clear in their determination. We would urge British Airways to get around the negotiating table and hammer out a resolution to this dispute to avoid the disruption and financial cost of continued strike action." 

The union is supporting BA's mixed fleet crew who are in a long-running dispute over their so-called 'poverty pay' contracts and are already heading to their 70's day of strike action.  Unite also went on to warn BA that it was storing up future legal costs because of its 'belligerence' towards the crew, which it claims they have been victim to sanctions, including the removal of bonuses and 'incentives' worth hundreds of pounds in addition to travel concessions from striking workers. 

Whilst the strike has already cost BA more than increasing the salary of the striking workers it is receiving orders not to give in or make any further concessions from parent company IAG.

BA said it would continue its promise that all customers will be flown to their destination, despite the strikes, thanks to the ongoing arrangement with Qatar Airways flying a number of services that the mid fleet crew would normally operate.

So far BA has wet leased (aircraft and crew) nine Qatar Airways Airbus aircraft to cover the strike and according to contacts in Doha another three will be on hand next week. on our behalf”.

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