Tuesday, 8 August 2017

British Airways A380 Bound For Chicago

The biggest aircraft in the British Airways fleet will be heading for Chicago from spring next year, the airline has announced today.

The airline released the news that they will fly an Airbus A380  on a daily rotation between London Heathrow and Chicago O’Hare starting from 8th May 2018. The double decked super jumbo will be taking the place of the former biggest commercial passenger plane, a Boeing 747-400.

According to BA's press office the A380 will is going to operate flight BA295 which departs London Heathrow at 10.50am,  arriving at Chicago's  O’Hare airport at 1.25pm local.  The aircraft will head back to Heathrow operating BA294 with a scheduled departure time of 5.30pm which lands in London at 07.20 the following morning. The cabin configuration will remain the same four classes as featured on the other A380's in the BA fleet -  14 in first class, 97 business class seats, 55 premium economy and 303 in economy, bringing the total of 469 passengers

 “Customers love our Airbus A380 with its refreshed cabins, enhanced entertainment system and improved quality air.  We’re delighted to be the first airline to offer regularly scheduled service on the A380 between Chicago and London.  For those traveling for business to London or customers heading to Europe on vacation, this is an exceptional start to their travels.” Said Simon Brooks, British Airways’ Senior Vice President Sales in North America.   

While the British airline will be the first carrier to operate a regular scheduled flight to Chicago's O'Hare airport using the large A380, it's not the first time the type has been seen at the airport.  The first time a super jumbo arrived at  Chicago ORD was in 2007 for an FAA approval flight operated by Lufthansa, then in 2016 Emirates flew one in on a trial from Dubai.

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