Friday, 14 July 2017

Iberia fined over enforced Pregnancy tests for staff

The Spanish airline Iberia has said it will stop requiring female job candidates to take a pregnancy test after it was fined for the practice.

Labour inspectors in the Balearic Islands discovered the airline insisted on the tests, and fined it €25,000 that's around £22,000.

The airline had used the defence that it was trying to protect pregnant women from potential risks of flying, however such arguments were ridiculed on social media and by most within the industry.

Iberia insists it did not turn down candidates discovered to be pregnant, saying five had been hired, although offered no evidence of that.

Spanish Health Minister Dolors Montserrat said she "rejected" the practice, "Maternity can in no way be an obstacle for access to a job," she said.

Iberia is part of IAG, along with British Airways and the IAG boss Willy Walsh as believed to be in favour of a ban on hiring pregnant women and recruiting on the basis that female staff should consent to a period of no planned parenthood for at least two years.