Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Pilots Warn Passengers of Safety Concerns at Allegiant

Safety Concerns trouble pilots at troubled Las Vegas based Allegiant Air.  The airline pilots union representing Allegiant Air's pilots have published a letter to the airlines customers warning them of safety concerns the pilots have with the airline. 

APA representatives Local 1224 purchased internet advertising directing prospective Allegiant customers to a letter telling them that passengers could be “flying an airline that is content with just barely meeting acceptable safety standards.” 

“This is not something we prefer to do,” said Daniel Wells, president of the union that represents pilots of 10 other airlines in addition to Allegiant. “We believe in a progressive approach, but this is a sign of how bad it’s gotten and how concerned we are.” 

The embattled airline called the letter “a scare tactic” and accuses the union of “heavy-handed bullying tactics.” 

In January pilots voted 465-8 to authorize a strike against Allegiant after the latest negotiations between the union and Allegiant management have proved unsuccessful. The main concerns are over pay and pilot work rules involving seniority and scheduling. The union claims that Allegiant is one of American's most profitable airlines yet continuously underpay their pilots. 

In the letter the pilots say they “are uncomfortable remaining silent about company practices that negatively impact our customers’ travel and vacation, including your comfort, and – most importantly – your safety.” They Allegiant's bosses are greedy and fail to make much needed investments into a company’s workforce and infrastructure at the expense of passenger safety. “Pilots at Allegiant Air are speaking out because our passengers’ safety is our top priority and we know that investments in the company’s infrastructure, fleet, pilots and mechanics are needed to ensure its long-term success,” the letter said. 

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