Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Not the first aicrash in the alps

LE NOUVEL AVION POUR LA LIGNE PARIS-SAIGON EN 1950The Germanwings A320 that crashed on Tuesday went down in the same part of the French Alps where a plane slammed into a mountain 62 years ago.
On Sept. 1, 1953, an Air France plane was coming in for a landing at Nice when it crashed into 10,000-foot-tall Mont Cimet, near the village of Barcelonette. All 33 passengers and all nine members of the crew were killed. According to news reports of the time the aircraft burned for over three hours. The aircraft was a Lockheed L-749A Constellation of Air France service from Paris to Saigon, with enroute stops in Nice, Lebanon, Iraq, Pakistan and India.

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