Monday, 9 March 2015

MH370 - Black box battery out of date - not a major issue?

A year on and we are still no nearer finding out exactly where and what happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.
However at the anniversary the media focused on one detail of the interim report, the fact that the black box battery was out of date.   The embittered airline claimed on Monday that an expired battery in the underwater locator beacon of the flight data recorder, otherwise known as the 'black box' on the missing aircraft wouldn't have made any difference in the search.
Lawyers acting for some of the families of passengers announced that the fact the battery had not been replaced could be key in any legal action against Malaysian. 
The Boeing 777-200er vanished not long after it began its flight from Kuala Lumpur heading to Beijing on 8th March last year. Its disappearance has become one of the greatest aviation mysteries of all tine, at least so far.
The airline released a special interim report into the disappearance on Sunday, advised the beacon battery for the flight data recorder had expired in December 2012 and had not replaced. From a statement the airline released on Monday that the solid state cockpit voice recorder was fitted with a similar battery that was still within its normal life parameters.  "The SSCVR battery would have been transmitting for 30 days upon activation when immersed in water," they said. 

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