Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Nice Come Back for Aerolineas Argentinas

Praise for the Argentinian airline Aerolíneas Argentinas in the way it responded to a man who complained about the 'short, fat, lot to be desired' cabin crew.
The airline politely informed the Facebook user that 'prejudice doesn't fly. when he stated on th social media site that company's flight attendants were 'short and fat  - writing 'gets my attention is the low quality of flight attendants that the company has.' 
Facebook: When a Facebook user posted on the Aerolíneas Argentinas Facebook page complaining that the flight attendants were 'short and fat,'the company struck back, politely informing the man that 'prejudice doesn't fly' (photographed)
He continued to say that the flight attendants who used to be 'tall, slender, and nice' are now all 'short, fat girls who leave much to be desired' in their appearance.
The response, unusually considered by an airline was simple and effective - prejudice doesn't fly, we leave it on the ground.' they then proceeded to list all the requirements it has for the job of a flight attendant.
Flight attendants must be older than 18, the company wrote, they must be citizens of Argentina, they must be high school graduates, they must speak fluent English, they must have a TCP license, and they must know how to swim. 
Hashtag: Here, a flight attendant for the airline tweets a photograph of herself with the hashtag #prejuiciosnovuelan -- #PrejudiceDoesn'tFlyThe company even listed height requirements for the flight attendants with women required to be between 5'4'' and 5'7' and men between 5'7' and 6'1.' 

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