Sunday, 27 July 2014

Gatwick Gives

Gatwick Airport announced this last week £256 million in local benefits if it were allowed to build a second runway.

The airport on the border between Surrey and West Sussex is hoping to open a second runway by 2025 at a cost of £7 billion. The pledge would include spending £131 million on the compulsory purchase of homes, £46.5 million to subsidise new houses and £45 million to pay the council tax of 4,100 people blighted by noise. 

Other promises include improvements to the M23 and A23 and a £3.5 million scheme for 2,500 apprenticeships. Chief executive Stewart Wingate said: “We’ve listened to local people and have created £256 million of pledges to deliver improvements in many of the areas that matter to them most, from new jobs and housing, to business support and noise mitigation.” 

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