Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Emirates Massive 777x Order

Dubai's Emirates Airlines confirmed an order for 150 777X on Wednesday in a deal valued at $56 billion at list prices.

The deal for two types of the 777X was first announced at the Dubai air show in November and helped launch the jet, making it the largest product launch in commercial aircraft history. Emirates has ordered 115 777-9X and 35 777-8X. It also holds purchase rights for an additional 50 versions of the jet, which could increase the total deal size to $75 billion at list prices.
Emirates chief Tim Clark said his airline now operates 138 777 aircraft and has 208 Boeing 777s, either the current or revamped versions, pending delivery. "The 777X will offer us operational flexibility in terms of range, more passenger capacity and fuel efficiency," Mr. Clark said in a statement issued by Boeing.
The more fuel-efficient 777X is expected to begin production in 2017 for delivery in 2020. To date, the aircraft has won 300 orders and commitments from six customers worldwide, including Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways, Emirates' rivals in the Persian Gulf.

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