Sunday, 1 May 2011

"Dubai was Right" says flydubai CEO

Ghaith Al Ghaith hails the vision and courage of the Government of Dubai and developers who continued to invest during the economic crisis

Dubai, UAE, May 01, 2011 - On the eve of the region's biggest tourism industry event, Arabian Travel Market, Ghaith Al Ghaith, CEO of Dubai's first low cost airline, flydubaiflydubai, has paid tribute to those who continued to develop the tourism infrastructure in Dubai during the worst of the global economic crisis.

"Many people doubted Dubai for continuing to spend money on the development of hotels and associated tourism infrastructure at a time when people were cutting back on their travel spend," said Al Ghaith. "The establishment of Dubai's first low cost airline, flydubai at the height of the crisis was questioned by some - but Dubai was right.

"Continued increases in the number of visitors to Dubai and the UAE, and the number of people travelling through Dubai's airport prove that the continued development of the infrastructure needed to cope with these visitors was the right thing to do. Without that development Dubai would not be in the position it is to capitalise on the increased visitor numbers.

"These additional tourists and business travellers are coming for a variety of reasons, not least the recent turmoil in the region. People are putting Dubai and the UAE at the top of their leisure and business travel wish lists because they are very safe, comfortable and enjoyable destinations with something to offer to all types of travellers. They are also now an affordable travel options thanks to the lower fares introduced by flydubai.

"Travel is something that people both need to and enjoy doing. Regional turmoil and economic crises are temporary situations which, over time, are resolved - and when they are, people start to travel again. Dubai has been very smart in continuing to invest to ensure the country is ready to capitalise on the inevitable return to travel," Al Ghaith added.

But despite such rapid increases in fleet, flights and network, the airline has stayed true to its commitment to ensure a quality, low cost service for passengers. During 2010, flydubai
maintained an impressive On Time Performance record of 83% for Departures and 80% for Arrivals. This is one measure of how successful an airline is and these figures ensure flydubai has one of the best records in the industry.

Al Ghaith commented: "Our growth throughout 2010 has been phenomenal and is a testament to the hard work and determination of our dedicated staff. We've had a number of challenges to face, but the strength of a company is better measured by how you face those challenges, not whether or not you had to face them. We've built a solid foundation for our future development and I am looking forward with confidence to the remainder of 2011 and the years to come."