Friday, 27 May 2011

Manchester United stars take to the skies daily with Turkish Airlines


Chris Smalling, Nani, Wayne Rooney and Darren Fletcher in the Turkish Airlines pre-flight safety filmChris Smalling, Nani, Wayne Rooney and Darren Fletcher in the Turkish Airlines pre-flight safety film

They are used to flying down the wings and are masters of rescuing themselves from sticky situations. Now Manchester United's stars are using those skills off the pitch in a new pre-flight safety video for club sponsors Turkish Airlines.

From next month passengers taking their seats on the carrier will be treated to the sight of Wayne Rooney and co comically guiding them through what to do in the case of an emergency.

The video starts by introducing Rooney and fellow stars Darren Fletcher, Rafael, Fabio, Nani and Chris Smalling.

Passengers are told to switch their phones off and are then shown Rooney using his - before the Brazilian twins show him a red card. The narrator then tells passengers to turn off electrical items before cutting to footage of Rooney using an electric razor, Nani listening to music and Rafael and Fabio flying a toy helicopter.

The stars then take passengers through how to use a seatbelt before Rooney races to the aid a prostrate Nani carrying an oxygen mask.

More japes follow, with the players showing how not to use an inflatable slide before a grinning Rooney, clearly a serial offender, sneaks up behind an unwitting Rafael and Fabio and inflates their life vests.

The light hearted five-minute video ends with the players sending their best wishes with Rooney wearing a captain's hat.

He revealed he was happy to help make the film when approached.

"It's always good fun to work with your team mates away from the pitch," he said. "And today's filming has been great. Hopefully our involvement with the video will make people more safety aware when travelling with Turkish Airlines."

Fun but safe

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