Sunday, 1 May 2011

Frontier Cuts Fares


The times are changing for travelers who have grown weary of airline fees adding to their travel costs. We usually see airlines raising fees right before the busy summer travel season, but this year, passengers are getting some good news instead.

Frontier Airlines recently lowered some fees for checking bags and changing tickets. The carrier is offering a $5 discount on your first checked bag if you pay your fee online, so you'll pay $15 online, instead of $20 at the airport. You'll continue to pay $20 for a second checked bag. The airline also is charging $20 for checked bicycles as one of your first or second bags, as long as it meets the weight requirements. Most legacy carriers charge $25 for your first checked bag and $35 for your second, and you could pay as much as $200 for bikes, although on Southwest it's free.

Frontier is competing with Southwest in a number of its markets, including Denver, Milwaukee and Kansas City, and this competition has a lot to do with the change in fees. Unlike other airlines, Southwest still allows two checked bags for free and doesn't charge for changes to tickets. Plus, you can get a voucher toward a flight if you cancel your ticket.

The merger between AirTran and Southwest also makes Southwest's reach even larger, and Frontier wants to remain competitive.

In addition to lowering the baggage fee, Frontier is lowering its change fees on coach-class tickets from $100 to $50. Even though Southwest doesn't charge to change tickets, on most legacy carriers, the change fee is $150. Frontier also is lowering its fee for confirmed, same-day flight changes to $25, down from $50.

from  Frontier cuts some air fees | Green Bay Press Gazette |

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