Sunday, 1 May 2011

AirAsia to introduces fuel surcharges


AirAsia is to introduce fuel surcharges from May, it announced April 29, becoming one of the first major low-cost airlines to do so.

The Asian budget carrier, which operates a network across Asia and to long-haul destinations including Seoul, Delhi, Melbourne, London and Paris through its AirAsia X long-haul carrier said it would introduce the charges on May 3.

It will affect all domestic flights within Malaysia and all international routes, the airline said, although domestic flights within Thailand and Indonesia will not be affected.

Passengers flying to Paris, London and Christchurch in New Zealand will have to pay the most - an extra RM90 (€20) per flight.

The price of fuel has skyrocketed in recent months, with major airlines around the world imposing surcharges on passengers to offset the increased cost of flying their jets.

However, many low-cost airlines have resisted the move - Ryanair said last month that it guaranteed "no fuel surcharges ever" as European package holiday firms Thomas Cook and TUI raised theirs.

In the US, budget carrier Southwest said last month that it expected fuel prices to carry on rising, and although it does not currently impose a fuel surcharge, analysts expect ticket prices to rise to cover the cost.

Source - The Independent

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