Friday, 16 June 2017

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Cookies -
We are a friendly site and we do not use cookies or track your movements at all, however Google/Blogspot (our hosts) may do and any third party advertisers that you go to via this site may do as well.

Your Info is safe with us -
We don't usually collect your information - unless you sign up for our email updates. If you have signed up to our email list, then we promise to keep your details safe. We will not share, sell or otherwise transfer your email address or any other personally identifiable information that you have given us, with anyone at all. Not even if they look nice and fluffy on the outside or have offered us a lot of money.
We are good people and as such we'll abide by the law, so if law enforcement come knocking on our door with a court order, we'll have to give them your email - sorry but as nice as you are we don't want to be locked in the slammer for you, we're sure you understand.

Age -
Our site is not directed at children and therefore we will not collect any details from person under the age of 13.  

Copyright -
The vast majority of our posts, reports, articles and features will have a little note on the bottom saying you have our permission to post or republish it, free of charge, elsewhere upon the condition that you give us a credit and link back to us. We think that's a fair way to work and we both feel a benefit from it.  
However, sometimes we are commissioned to write a feature or article for another site or publication, if we publish highlights here, they will not have the little permission note and we'd be awfully grateful if you respect that and not use it yourself or post elsewhere. Most photographs that appear here will have been provided freely by an airline, source or producer for media purposes. On occasion we may publish our own photos on the site for which we retain copyright and ask that you not use them without permission (you'll see 'Authors Own') under the photo so you know which ones we mean.  We may also publish photographs from other sources and photographers for which they would retain copyright and we will be credited them accordingly - you'd have to ask them for permission if you wanted to use them.

Social Responsibility - 
We are a friendly bunch,  we might have already said that, so we take our social responsibility very seriously. We try our upmost to behave in a clear and ethical way, we do not discriminate and do not accept discrimination. We work in a (mostly) paperless office and try to think of the environment in everything we do, we'd urge you to do the same, after all we've only got one earth and it would be awful if something nasty happened to it after our playtime.  We also regularly make donations to charity or notforprofit organisations and on occasion we'll announce those donations here or we'll promote a charity or organisation on these pages. Of course, you're under no obligation to contribute, donate or otherwise consider charitable activities, however if you do so, we'd love you forever - or at least until supper time!   - Recent donation £40 to DEC appeal for Yeman. 

Advertising -
We are a small group and we have overheads, which is why we have advertising on our little corner of the web. It helps pay our bills and ensures we can continue with the blog and donating what's left after our overheads to charity.   We are not responsible for content you may find on the other sites you might arrive at from advertisements on our pages - although we always check things out first to try and make sure we'd not advertising something dodgy.
We may on rare occasions be asked to write a review of a product or destination or service, we'll gladly do so and we'll make clear in the post, report or article that we have been asked to do so, along with any payment, discount or benefit we have received for doing so. However we guarantee you that the views expressed will be that of the author and not the advertiser, supplier, airline, maker or pretty much anyone else really.  

If you want to advertise here, sponsor us, ask us to write a review or article about you, your blog, site, service or product please email us at sales @
We might even add the review on one of our other sites or radio stations.